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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

28 May 2020, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi pop up in my email sharing Knowledge Broker blueprint (KBB) 2.0 , his mail was always popping up in my inbox, I would normally scroll past it but that day or that month was different lots of thoughts was going in my head. Yup, it was the pandemic COVID 19. Cliché as it may sound, if "today was your last day" sounded was replaying in my head. It was no longer just a song in my Spotify playlist from Nickelback or just watching Gary Vee dishing out advice on Instagram, it was as real as it gets. After I watch the introduction video of KBB, as usual Tony was inspirational it got into my heart but my head had to rationalize and think of the possible failures and self-doubt and and yes some of reason the reasons I contemplated was because it was a huge sum of investment. Finally I decided to trust my GUT and dive in, if not now, when?

So here's an video I took on that day right after I signed up, REAL and RAW. It was day 1 video, day 2 video didn't continue but I know it was a mindset shift, from maybe I could do this to, I want this, although I do not know what it was then.

Like most people, I was looking for that passion that could change my life, that magical thing that I will love to do for the rest of my life. Worst, I had always struggle to keep and hold any interest, that was one belief that created lots of self-doubts but I kept moving forward. While doing the program, I did a lot of inner search exercises trying to find that thing that lights the fire in me.

Finally I found it, nope not Coaching but to become a World Traveler plus Landscape photographer. It came from reflecting back from the best moments of my life, the love of traveling. I was 11 days on a solo trip in Taiwan meeting lots of amazing people and dazzled by the beauty and food. The taste of freedom was unforgettable, I realized what I was craving deep inside is FREEDOM!

Thinking, that was it! I plunged into courses, learning from experts and invested in camera gears (not cheap!) to make myself the best photographer. I loved it even if it was COVID and I could only stay in Singapore, just going around taking photos. I could see myself at the most majestic mountains and lakes and astounding location around the world living the dream, but...still something was missing. The little voice I used to have was back in my head echoing to me again you are better than this, there is more than this in life. The 2 words that slowly came up was fulfilment and purpose,

FREEDOM, FULFILMENT & PURPOSE How can I experience all these?

So I start asking this questions constantly and opening my ears and mind when I shuffle through Facebook and YouTube contents from thought leaders and books. While in the progress, I thought, hey how about sharing what I learned from thought leaders and books on social media while I progress on "bettering" myself. As I continued on suddenly this new term called "Coaching" kept popping up everywhere and it caught my interest. As I research more and more consuming information and videos, had a few talks with some of my trusted friends and finally made the decision. I want to be a Coach. It meets all criteria, Freedom I can coach anyone at any place at anytime I want to. Fulfilment from being able to guide people to a greater place and become a better version of themselves. Yes, now life have a Purpose, I am still exploring that grand vision but I know I am in the right direction.

Well, that's a long winded story, thank you taking your time to hear my journey. This post took me awhile on what to right, lots of advise on not to show your weaknesses, show your track records and give people your ultimate success formula. Well, I don't have it yet but I know I have an unwavering passion to serve and I am here to play, yes play! Life is a game, full of unexpected scenarios, challenges, obstacles, demons. I will like to play along side you as we work together to create the blueprint of your game, climb through obstacles smash through challenges and BREAKING LIMITS.

Your Coach Hwee Suen

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